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knitting kits by kathryn alexander

i i am in the middle of rebuilding my web site, if you would like to order anything, email me at kathalex12@gmail.com

The Yarn

hand dyed small batch yarns. the wool is from the montana family ranch where my brother raised a small band of columbia sheep. the fleece is soft and lively and works nicely as a knitting single or plyed yarn.

I do not have color cards for my dyed yarns. I have many colors in my inventory at all times and can usually get knitters what they will love. I am willing to send color group images so customers can choose from what I have in stock. if you do not email me about special colors i usually send close to the colorway on the website image.

there are a variety of yarn types, singles, fine and sport weight. plyed yarns in sport weight. s & z energized yarns for weaving and knitting in white only in fine and sport weight.

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