Lendrum Folding Wheel The folding wheel is the ideal first wheel because it is easy to learn on and you will never outgrow it.The smooth balanced double treadle action is as easy as peddling a bicycle and will let you spin for hours. The regular flyer that it comes with is the right speed to get started, not too slow and not too fast. Later as your skills increase you can buy other flyers and heads that will allow you to do any kind of spinning you can imagine. This wheel has the widest range of flyer speeds available, from 5 to 44. This wheel has a scotch tension which is the easiest system to adjust. The rubber drive band sets its own tension so you don't need to bother with it. You simply adjust the break for the amount of take up you desire.The wheel is made from hard maple and finished with a acrylic lacquer to insure a long and reliable life.

regular $630.00

complete $790.00

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Free! one hour private lesson with wheel purchase One hour free means spinners have the chance to open the box,
knowing any questions they may have about assembly, or the wheel in general can immediately be answered by someone who really knows these wheels. There is even time for some actual spinning and instruction. Spinners go home happy,and confident, knowing how to use these beautifully engineered wheels.

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Walnut Saxony scotch•flyer rightWhen you are ready for a dream wheel this saxony is worth dreaming about. It is available in your choice of walnut, cherry or maple and is sold unfinished so you can finish it to match its new home.Don't let the good looks fool you! This is very much a working wheel. When you first sit to spin you will feel like you don't need to treadle because the big wheel goes by itself. You have your choice of either a double drive head or a scotch tension head. These wheels can be built with the head on the left or on the right to suit the way you spin.