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new sweater kit
triangles & blocks
limited edition
available this fall
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one size

with kit purchase:

full directions with color graphics. metal buttons to cover

32 hand dyed colors.
2-ply sport
weight yarns.


blocks and stripes with doo dad hem
full directions with color graphics.

one size

you pick your favorite buttons.

48 hand dyed colors. sport weight 2-ply yanrs.


Entrelac pullover with buttons

48 hand dyed colors, 100% wool singles, pattern with color graphics, metal buttons to cover

one size


entrelac vest

42 hand dyed colors, 100% wool singles

one size

pattern with color graphics



Sweater Pattern only $20 or............

This sweater made with Brigantia yarn by spirit trail fiberworks or my 2-p[y 100% wool sport in many colors! comes as small or large size.

email me for more information on my yarns and color.